Local KRASS (KvO)

Local KRASS is our formula for success for distributing our vision to different regions all over the world. Within the meaning of social franchising, we pass our idea to local and independent organisations or interested parties. All franchisees are independent and act autonomously when implementing our vision in their region. In this way, well-tried projects and programs can be adapted to regional conditions optimally.

Components of Local KRASS:

Vision Statute Contract Handbook Support

Your advantages of a foundation of Local KRASS:

No.1 Networking

You get to know artists, pedagogues and specialists from all over Germany.

No.2 Reputation

Benefit from the brand KRASS in order to convince public institutions and sponsors.

No.3 Handbook

Your constant companion with a lot of helpful tips,tricks and experiences.   

No.4 Accounting

We support you actively.

No.5 Public Relations

We assist you whether it has to do with flyers, text blocks or social media.

Are you interested? Please read through our procedure of foundation.