We make children stronger!

The non-profit beneficence „Culture for children“ stands for the enduring consolidation as well as an effective sponsoring of children and teenagers with the help of art and procurement of culture.

Our unique aim is to give children a voice and advise the publicity of their interests and needs. We give children the possibility of developing their selves, getting to know their own qualities and expressing their ideas.

Example: Marie (15 years old)! The family (mother recently became widow) is coached by a social worker. Marie likes painting, likes drawing, is very busy and greedy for knowledge. Her social worker underlines that this medium is a very important possibility of expression for her. Therefore, it is absolutely important for her having a permanent contact point for the next years. We will pay the monthly fees for the school of arts.

We don’t think that our sponsors and facilitators are only financiers or contributors. They are partners with whom we are able to develop unique aims which offer a additional benefit and give the possibility of different role playing. Involved enterprises we would like to offer more impetuses for their own processes of development.

Stiftung Kultur Für Kinder

Educational Facility

The purpose of the Foundation shall be achieved in particular by means of promoting the artistic education (creative arts, theatre, music) of children aged 6 and above, primarily from socially and/or educationally disadvantaged families, by enabling such children to attend a corresponding school or educational facility.