Disadvantaged child its smile back!

Do you want to know how it feels giving a social disadvantaged child its smile back?

The 14 years old Makis who is highly skilled of arts has found his smile back. Markis lives in a strong social disadvantaged family where he grows up in difficulty circumstances without any possibilities of equitable education or other advancements.

The beneficence „culture for children“ enabled a 2-years financial promotion for the Greek boy who lives in an orphanage since 5 years. The art and its message will give Makis more strength and self-confidence. It should also help him to look positive in a better future as well as to give him a chance of finding an apprenticeship in future.

Our defined aims: Effective advancement of culture and art for children of every kind of stratum Who do we achieve our aims?

Having a diversified network of high qualified and committed members of staff Where do we create our aims?

In Germany In Europe International Everywhere our help is needed!

Why do we do that? Because our children are the most value which we every will have – our’s all future! Because we can create our world more colourfull, positive and friendly.

If you also like to conjure a smile on a child’s face, you will be right here! Sincerely your Claudia Seidensticker-Fountis Founder & President